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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Crossing Discharge Data step.

The Crossing Discharge Data step allows pulling a hydrograph from the hydrologic simulation, use the peak discharge from the hydrograph, or enter a hydrograph or peak discharge.


All the crossings are listed in this dialog. If the Auto link option is selected, WMS links the outlets to the culvert crossings if they are within the specified tolerance (the same way outlets are connected to nodes in the storm drain interface).

For each crossing, the flow value and hydrograph are copied to the appropriate fields. Only the flow values on the rising limb of the hydrograph are copied to the XY series--we’re not concerned about the falling limb of the hydrograph since we will only be using the discharge-elevation curve computed by HY-8 for routing the original hydrograph. When WMS runs HY-8, it runs the analysis using the hydrograph peak flow value as the design and maximum flow.

For more information on how WMS uses this data to set the HY8 Roadway Data, please see: Path of Data from WMS to HY8