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Two methods of editing vertex positions and z values are available. To manipulate vertex positions and z values, the Select Vertex tool must be selected.

  • A vertex can be moved to a new position by clicking on the vertex and holding down the mouse button while dragging the vertex to the desired position.
  • If the current view is plan view, dragging the vertex will cause it to move in the xy plane. WMS will not allow the vertex to be dragged to a position where one of the surrounding triangles would become inverted.
  • If the current view is not the plan view, the vertex will move along the z-axis.
  • The vertex position and z value can also be manipulated by selecting the vertex and changing the xyz values that will appear in the x, y, and z edit boxes.

Display options such as contours are updated automatically as a vertex’s position is altered as long as these options are selected from the TIN Display Options dialog.

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