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Depending upon the options selected, HSPF requires input of a few or several time series. These time series are referred to as External Sources and should be located in a WDM file, which is specified in the HSPF Global Options dialog box. Not only must they exist in that file, but the time series must also be assigned to the proper segments according to the EXT SOURCES block of HSPF (see Section 4.6.2 of the HSPF manual[1]). The Assign External Sources dialog in WMS has been developed to allow setting up the required external sources for an HSPF run.

A button labeled External Sources is present in each of the HSPF module dialogs in WMS. Upon clicking this button, the Assign External Sources dialog box is activated. In this dialog, select time series from a WDM file and assign them to the selected segment.

To assign a time series, simply select it from the list on the right side of the dialog, select the target member name appropriate for that series, select the other options desired from the boxes on the left side of the dialog, then click the Assign button to add that source to the list that appears in the window at the bottom of the dialog. To delete a source, select it from the list in the bottom window and click the Delete button. Also included in this dialog is an Apply sources to segments button. This button work in the same way the as the Apply parameters to segments button; the sources defined in the bottom window are copied to the chosen segments.

The sources specified for each segment of the HSPF model are written to the EXT SOURCES block of the UCI file when HSPF is run from WMS. For more information on the definition of external sources or the options available in this dialog, see Section 4.6.2 – EXT SOURCES block of the HSPF Manual.

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