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The HSPF Global Options dialog.

The HSPF Global Options dialog box is used to initialize the HSPF data for every hydrologic unit of the hydrologic tree and to set up parameters for the overall simulation. This dialog is opened by selecting the Global Options command from the HSPF menu.

The data for HSPF must be initialized before it can be accessed. Many features within the HSPF interface will be dimmed and remain dimmed until the HSPF data is initialized. By clicking on the Initialize HSPF Data button within the Global Options dialog box, all HSPF data within the watershed will be initialized. The Delete HSPF Data button will remove all HSPF data from memory. This may be useful if wanting to start over with HSPF input or wanting to use another model within WMS.

Once the HSPF data are initialized, several parameters are required in the HSPF Global Options dialog. Parameters required in the GLOBAL block of HSPF are input in this dialog. These include title, output levels, units flag, run flag, starting and ending times, and time step. Consult Section 4.1 of the HSPF manual[1] for details on these parameters.

Also in this dialog are fields to define the input and output filenames of the HSPF run. Note that currently WMS only supports one WDM file and one output file per simulation. If more that one WDM file contains input for the simulation, these files should be merged for use with WMS. The filename fields complete the data necessary for the FILES block of HSPF. Each file name should have the appropriate extension attached in these fields. These file names may be set to the same prefix by entering the prefix in the designated field and clicking on the Update Filenames button.

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