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The toolbar for the Hydrologic Modeling module.

The toolbar for the WMS Hydrologic Modeling module has a variety of tools useful for editing and selecting items within a topological tree. The tools are described below.


Select Outlet
The Select Outlet WMS SelectOutletTool.svg tool is used to select outlets for operations such as assigning routing or diversion data, creation of new outlets and basins, or deletion.
Select Basin
The Select Basin WMS SelectBasinTool.svg tool is used to select basins for operations such as assigning loss, unit hydrograph, precipitation, and other basin data, as well as deletion. It can be used to select basins from either the TIN or tree representation of the watershed and behaves identically to the Select Basin tools from the Drainage module.
Select Diversion
The Select Diversion WMS SelectDiversionTool.svg tool is used to select diversions for entering/editing diversion data or deletion. Diversions are displayed on the topologic tree only.
Select Hydrograph
The Select Hydrograph WMS SelectHydrographTool.svg tool is used to select hydrographs which can then be displayed in the Hydrograph Window. Multi-selection operations are available with this tool so that hydrographs from different locations can be overlaid.

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