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In the Compute GIS Attributes dialog, the Land Use option determines whether a land use coverage or a land use grid will be used. The critical attribute for land use is an ID that can be related to a table of parameters for curve numbers, Green & Ampt parameters, HSPF segments, or any other hydrologic parameter that requires a land use ID for computation.

With a land use grid, WMS uses the ID associated with each cell in the land use grid to determine the land use value. When there is a land use coverage defined, WMS uses the ID associated with each polygon to determine the land use. The land use table attributes can be edited by right-clicking on the land use grid or by going to the attributes of a selected land use polygon in the land use coverage. When there is both a land use grid and a land use coverage, it can be selected whether there is a land use grid or a land use coverage in the drop down box.


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