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Input Hydrographs

An inflow hydrograph may be specified at any location (subarea or reach) of an MODRAT watershed model. To indicate where the input hydrograph enters the model, simply select the location and click on the check box entitled Input hydrograph. This will direct MODRAT to import a hydrograph from a file at this point.

This file is typically a result from a previous MODRAT run, but could be manually created provided that the correct format is used. One option for creating the file is to toggle the box next to the Define Input Hydrograph... button on and click the Define Input Hydrograph... button to enter input hydrograph data at the selected location. WMS will write the file in the correct format based on the options specified in the Job Control.

The MODRAT model may have several input hydrographs for different locations; however, the hydrographs in the input file must be ordered from upstream to downstream for MODRAT to access the data correctly. The format of the hydrograph data in this file is standard MODRAT hydrograph file format.

Output Hydrographs

Three options are available for hydrograph output at each location in an MODRAT watershed. These options are:

  • No hydrograph – This option instructs MODRAT to not write out any hydrograph data for the given location.
  • WMS plot file (*.sol) – This option instructs MODRAT to write a hydrograph plot file which can be loaded into WMS and viewed as a flow vs. time plot in the Hydrograph Window. It also instructs MODRAT to write the hydrograph to the summary file (named *.sum) in standard MODRAT hydrograph format.
  • Hydrograph (*.hyf) file and WMS plot file (*.sol) – This option writes the hydrograph to a MODRAT hydrograph file (named *.hyf), to a summary file (*.sum), and to a WMS plot file (*.sol).

Printing Confluence Details

This option is available whenever a confluence point is selected. Checking this box will instruct MODRAT to give a detailed print out (in the standard MODRAT output file) of the hydrograph at this point.

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