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When a module supports several models such as the Map module or the Hydrologic Modeling module then WMS will only display the menu (and associated commands) for the active model. The active model is set using the drop-down combo box at the right side of the edit window.

The model selection menu

How to select a model

Do I want to do hydrology or hydraulics?

  1. Hydraulics:
    1. Do I want to do a simple dam break simulation?
    2. Do I want to do floodplain delineation, hydraulics, or a more complicated dam break simulation?
    3. Do I want to model storm drains?
      1. Do I need additional capability only available in xpswmm such as FHWA hydraulic, etc.?
      2. Do I not need that additional capability?
  2. Hydrology:
    1. Am I doing a small urban model?
    2. Am I doing a rural model?
    3. Am I interested in water quality, sediment transport, or the effects of wetlands on a hydrograph

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