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Orange County uses a rational method and unit hydrograph analysis that have been customized to meet their needs for doing hydrologic studies.

WMS provides an interface with a visual representation of all data used in a rational or unit hydrograph analysis that is easy to interact with. There are tools within WMS for using GIS data to automate basin delineation and loss rate computations. Many of the geometric properties derived from geographic features, including area, flow length and slope, can be computed by WMS. It is possible to set up one model and develop time of concentration, using the rational method, and then to run a unit hydrograph analysis. WMS performs all calculations for the rational method and uses HEC-1 to run the unit hydrograph analysis. Small area hydrographs can also be computed.

Both the OC Rational and OC Hydrograph models are included with all paid editions of WMS.

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