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In the hydrologic modeling module the Project Explorer displays the identical structure as the topologic tree providing an alternate hierarchical view of the hydrologic model (diversions are not displayed in the Project Explorer). A check box controlling the display of an entire folder (model) and outlet points is displayed to the left of the icon. If unchecking an outlet then the display of that outlet, it's basins and everything "upstream" of the outlet will not be displayed in the tree display of the graphics window.

WMS HydrologicProjectExplorer1.png

Right-clicking on the main Hydrologic Tree Data folder Hydrologic Module Folder.svg allows creating a new folder (at this point a topologic tree for hydrologic model cannot be created directly from the Project Explorer).

WMS HydrologicProjectExplorer2.png

Right-clicking on the Hydrologic Modeling Tree object Hydrologic Module Icon.svg will bring up a menu with commands for the current hydrologic model.

WMS HydrologicProjectExplorer3.png

Right-clicking on a basin Drainage Module Icon.svg or outlet HydrologicStationData.svg icon gives the option to Rename that basin (remember that HEC-1 names should be six characters or less) or Edit Parameters for the currently active model. Selecting a basin or outlet will cause it to be selected in the topologic tree of the graphics window.

WMS HydrologicProjectExplorer4.png

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