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On the PC, the installation wizard will guide through the installation process. The installation wizard will give options to install different parts of the WMS program including the executable files, tutorial files, documentation files, etc. If missing a part of the installation, then reinstall and verify that all parts are included in the installation.

WMS System Requirements

Registering WMS

Find out how to register WMS using a hardware lock or password.

Running WMS For The First Time

When running WMS the first time (and each time until WMS is registered), the registration wizard is the first dialog seen. If WMS is licensed and there is a hardware lock or need to get the security string to obtain a password, choose the Enable button.

Defaults File (ini)

When starting WMS, there are default values set for directories, display options, etc. Modify these settings and save the new defaults in an *.ini file by choosing the Save Current Settings command from the File menu. Each time starting WMS thereafter, these settings will be used.

Each project file stores its own default settings in *.ini file so that the project data will appear as they were at the time they were saved.

Command Line Arguments

Find out about the available command line arguments that can be used to customize how WMS starts up. See the article Command Line.

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