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A rich set of step-by-step tutorials has been developed to aid in learning how to use WMS.

The tutorials are in PDF format. They are installed in the "docs" directory in the folder where WMS is installed. They can also be accessed by clicking on the links below.

The tutorials are listed below by subject and are not necessarily listed in the suggested order of completion. Some tutorials assume a basic knowledge of WMS and some build on other tutorials. When this is the case the tutorial itself will state which tutorials should be completed beforehand.

Many of the tutorials have files that are needed to run the tutorial. These files and PDF instructions can be found in the "tutorial" folder where WMS was installed or are linked on the WMS Tutorials page. Additionally a zip file containing all the WMS tutorial files and instructions can be downloaded here.

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The final output files for all the tutorials can be downloaded here.

General WMS

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files
Editing Elevations
Watershed Modeling

Hydrologic Models

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files



  • <None>
Rational Method
NSS (National Streamflow Statistics)
  • <none>

Spatial Hydrology-HMS ModClark and GSSHA

Distributed Hydrologic Modeling using GSSHA

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files
GSSHA Modeling
Groundwater Modeling

Hydraulics and Floodplain Modeling

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files
Floodplain Delineation
SMPDBK (Simplified Dam Break)
HY-8 Culvert Modeling Wizard
Modeling with FHWA's Hydraulic Toolbox

Storm Drain Modeling

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files
EPA-SWMM and xpswmm

Water Distribution Modeling

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files

Water Quality Modeling

Category Tutorial (PDF) Required Files

Training Courses

Many users have become proficient using WMS through the tutorials, however, many users have found attending WMS training courses to be helpful. Training courses allow for dedicated time and practice in learning WMS and can be adapted to individual needs. Aquaveo conducts first-class training courses in water resources modeling on a continuing basis throughout the year. Instructors have many years of experience in software development of computer programs for scientific modeling and visualization.

Request WMS training courses at: www.aquaveo.com/training-courses

Aquaveo offers Continuing Education Units for each course to assist customers in meeting state registration board requirements for P.E. license renewal.

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