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The WMS software development team is excited about the release of WMS 11.1! This page lists the exciting new features that have been added to WMS 11.1.

What's new in WMS 11.1

GIS Module

  • Faster/more robust GIS parameter computations directly from shapefiles.
    Compute GIS Attributes
  • Faster shapefile to feature object conversion.
  • Improved display speed of large raster files.
    Imported large raster
  • Addition of Web-based Google tile map services as Online Maps that can be displayed as background maps.
Tiled web maps example
  • Additional features to online maps to use tile map services and other types of services as online maps.
    Select Online Services
  • Improvements to display and operations on images and raster files of various types.


  • View multiple scenario hydrographs in GSSHA solution:
GSSHA Solution Hydrograph Example
  • Added capability to run calibration on Richard’s Equation parameters in GSSHA.

Map Data

  • Extract Features tool that allows directly converting raster data to stream and ridge/embankment centerlines.
Example of extracted features
  • Map flood tool: Add an option to use local shapefiles for Base Flood Elevations and floodplain boundary polygons when web service data are not available.

Rational Methed

  • Better support for entering/computing Rational Method IDF curves.
Rational Method – IDF Computions


  • Fix various issues in GSSHA, HEC-1, HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, NSS, Rational, and MODRAT models and make improvements/updates to model interfaces.
  • Updated to the latest versions of the HEC-HMS (HMS 4.4.1) and GSSHA (7.13) models.
  • Updated versions of HY-8 and Hydraulic Toolbox used with WMS.


  • Added option to change the directory used to store temporary WMS files.


Visit the WMS bugfix page to view the list of bugs fixed.