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ArcObjects® is a development platform provided by ESRI® that allows developers of other applications to incorporate ArcGIS/ArcView® capability directly within their application. ArcObjects is used to incorporate ArcGIS® functionalities into XMS software. This allows using ArcGIS/ArcMap/ArcView® functionality within XMS software. In order to use ArcGIS functionality, a current license of ArcGIS must be installed. Without a license, much of the same functionality is available, the primary differences being that only the shapefile format is supported, and many of the selection and display capabilities are minimal.

ArcObjects® are enabled by using the Data | Enable ArcObjects® command in the GIS module. A few of the typical processes used in XMS must be done differently when ArcObjects® are enabled, such as importing shapefiles using the Add Data command instead of using the Open or Add Shapefile Data commands.

ArcObjects® will not work in the 64-bit versions of SMS, GMS, and WMS.

Error Enabling ArcObjects

If the DLL "EMRL_LicCheckMod.dll" fails to register automatically, selecting the Enable ArcObjects command will bring up the error:

"ArcObjects could not be enabled: please check installation and licensing for ArcGIS"

To fix this, register the DLL manually by following the steps below.

  1. Bring up a command prompt window.
  2. Type in 'regsvr32 "<directory where XMS was installed>\EMRL_LicCheckMod.dll"
    For example, the default location for GMS 7.0 is "C:\Program Files\GMS 7.0". If the program was installed in the default location, for example, this line in the command prompt window will be: regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\GMS 7.0\EMRL_LicCheckMod.dll"
  3. Hit enter to run.
  4. Restart XMS

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