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WMS can use TauDEM (Terrain Analysis Using Digital Elevation Models) to calculate flows and slopes. TauDEM is included with all versions of WMS.

The process is generally straightforward:

  1. Import a DEM for the area in question. DEMs can be obtained many different ways. They can be imported directly using the features in WMS, they can be downloaded for free from the USGS and other governmental sites, or they can be created by you using lidar or similar tools.
  2. Once the DEM is imported, activate the Drainage Drainage Module Icon.svg module
  3. Select DEM | Compute Flow Direction/Accumulation... to bring up the Flow Direction/Accumulation Run Options dialog.
  4. Select Run TauDEM under Select the model to determine the flow direction/accumulation.
  5. If wanting to use multiple processors, check the box next to Use MPICH2 and enter the number of processors. Leave the box unchecked if the it is unknown if the computer being used has multiple processors.
  6. If running MPICH2 for the first time, click Register MPIEXEC and enter your username and password at the prompt. This should be your Windows username and password.
  7. Click OK to close the Flow Direction/Accumulation Run Options dialog and bring up the Units dialog.
  8. Set the units to be appropriate for the location of the project and click OK. The watershed delineation process can take some time, depending on the size of the area being delineated and the computer being used. Once TauDEM has finished delineation, the cells accumulating the flow will appear.
  9. When TauDEM is finished running, click Close to exit the Model Wrapper dialog.

TauDEM can also be used to calculate flow when using MWBM.

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