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An Area Property coverage is very similar to a land use coverage or a soil coverage (and often are defined by converting one of these coverages to an area property) and is used to map Manning's roughness values to the cross sections of a hydraulic model.

Each polygon in the area property coverage is assigned a material ID. Material IDs are then mapped as line properties for the cross sections when cutting from a digital terrain model. As part of the hydraulic model the material IDs are assigned unique Manning's roughness values (in the case of HEC-RAS), or other similar properties that may used in other models.

In conjunction with the Area Property coverage materials should be created that correspond to the different unique IDs that are assigned to the polygons. Materials can be given a name and a color for display. Right-clicking on a polygon in the Area Property coverage and selecting the Attributes command will open the Land Poly Atts dialog where a material can be manually assigned to the polygon. Matarials are generated in the Materials Data dialog accessed through the Edit | Materials menu command.

Material Properties

WMS uses an Area Property coverage to map the roughness line properties to segments of a cross section. The cross sections store the material property ID's and in order for WMS to correctly associate a material ID with an actual roughness they must be defined using the Material Properties dialog.

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