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In the 2D Scatter Point module scattered datasets and their associated datasets are displayed in the Project Explorer. The toggle box to the left of the scattered dataset controls the visibility.

WMS ScatterProjectExplorer1.png

The active data is determined by selecting it from the Project Explorer.

Right-clicking on the main 2D Scatter Data folder 2D Scatter Folder.svg has options to create a New 2D dataset or a New folder to organize scatter datasets in.

WMS ScatterProjectExplorer2.png

Right-clicking on a scattered dataset 2D Scatter Icon.svg has options to allows to create a New folder, Delete, Rename, view Properties, and Convert Coordinate Systems of the scattered dataset.

WMS ScatterProjectExplorer3.png

Right-clicking on one of the datasets has options to Delete, Export, Rename, view Properties, or View Values of the dataset.

WMS ScatterProjectExplorer4.png

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