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Installing from a CD:

When the CD is inserted, a screen should pop-up automatically. Click on the WMS icon to begin the setup program that will guide the user through the WMS installation. If the pop-up screen does not appear when inserting the CD, run the program "setup.exe" in the \Wms\Pc directory of the CD.

Installing from the web:

WMS and its supporting files (tutorial files, models) can be downloaded from the following URL:



When first installing WMS, it needs to be registered. The user can choose to register with a password, a hardware lock, or with an evaluation password, which allows evaluation of the program for free for 30-60 days.

To Obtain A Password:

Select Enable when WMS starts up. This brings up the Register dialog, which steps the user through the registration process. If not using a hardware lock, a password will be sent to the registered email to allow the user to register the product.

Hardware Lock:

Follow the instructions received with the hardware lock to install the hardware lock and accompanying drivers. If a hardware lock instructions were not received, or they have been misplaced, they can be found in the \Utils\Hwlock\Instructions directory on the CD. There are separate files for single user and network hardware locks. These files can be read using a web browser. If wanting to purchase or have questions about hardware locks, please call us at: 801-691-5530.


The complete WMS Reference Manual is included on the CD received with purchase. The WMS Tutorials are also included, as well as the available manuals for the models for which WMS has interfaces. WMS documentation in PDF format can be found in the WMS Docs directory and model documentation can be found in the Model Docs directory. If missing Adode Acrobat Reader, a user can install for free from the Adobe website. If wanting hardcopies of any documentation related to WMS, please contact Aquaveo. Pricing for documentation can be found on Aquaveo's website.

Subscribing to the WMS Mailing List

The WMS mailing list keeps users informed of the latest product news, webinars, training courses, announcements, and special offers. A user can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to "emailupdate@aquaveo.com" with the word "SUBSCRIBE wms" in the body of the message.

Subscribing to the User Forum

The WMS user forum allows users to post questions and view responses from other WMS users worldwide. The forum is also monitored by Aquaveo staff, including WMS developers. Registering and subscribing to the user forum is the best way to be notified of software updates and bug fixes. Forum registration is free. Subscriptions are controlled by the user on a per-thread basis. A user can register on the user forum at:


Technical Support

Technical support is available for all commercial WMS users from the Aquaveo technical support staff. Our staff is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mountain Time). Contact technical support at:

All bug reports should specify:

  • How to reproduce the problem
  • The version and build date (found by selecting Help|About from the WMS menu) of WMS used
  • System configuration (OS, CPU, RAM, disk space, network)
  • Attach files if possible

Non-commercial Government Users

Certain government agencies have participated in the devlopment of WMS, and are entitled to free licenses of the software. Those eligble are any offices of the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Federal or State Highway Departments. Certain on-site contractors for these entities also are eligible.

For more information on obtaining a government license, go www.aquaveo.com/government-support.