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The following is a list of the more significant changes that were introduced in GMS 10.1.

  1. MODFLOW support
    1. GNC (Ghost Node Correction) Package for MODFLOW-USG
    2. SWI (Seawater Intrusion) Package for MODFLOW 2005
    3. CLN (Connected Linear Network) Process for MODFLOW-USG
    4. Import of MODFLOW-USG models created outside GMS
    5. Observations for MODFLOW-USG
    6. Pilot points for MODFLOW-USG
    7. Name file / unit number manager and improved support for unsupported packages
    8. Option added in the MODFLOW Preferences to create a Cell Summary text file when reading MODFLOW Head files. The file is added to the MODFLOW solution in the Project Explorer.
    9. Advanced Run MODFLOW dialog to run custom MODFLOW binaries from GMS.
  2. mod-PATH3DU particle tracking
  3. UGrid functionality
    1. Refinement and structure type
    2. Isosurfaces
    3. Convert
      1. Solid to UGrid
      2. Raster to UGrid
    4. Interpolate
      1. From UGrid to UGrid
      2. From rasters to UGrid
    5. Vector display and CCF -> Vectors works for UGrids
    6. Better support for both cell and point based datasets on UGrids.
    7. Z Values -> Dataset and Map to Z Values commands for UGrids
    8. Cell center set at outer edge point for voronoi grids
    9. Faster voronoi grid generation
    10. Better contouring and matching linear and color-filled contours
    11. Duplicating the ugrid duplicates MODFLOW
    12. Cell/point numbers switched to 1-based
    13. File export for:
      1. VTK ASCII Legacy file
      2. TOUGH2 MESH file
      3. GSF (grid specification file), import and export
  4. Shapefile export for:
    1. TIN
    2. 2D Mesh
  5. New tutorials
    1. Getting Started
    2. MODFLOW-USG Calibration
    3. MODFLOW-USG GNC Package
    4. MODFLOW-USG CLN Package
    5. MODFLOW SWI Package
    6. MODFLOW-Unsupported Package
    7. mod-PATH3DU
    8. Print Layout
  6. Print Layout (beta) for creating nicer prints
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Preference to change direction of mini grid up/down spin control
    2. Preference to invert mouse wheel zoom direction
    3. Borehole cross sections are cleared instead of deleted when a borehole is edited
    4. Importing transient point data will add data to all objects with the same name, not just the first
    5. Borehole segments now have descriptions that can be edited and imported
    6. Option to show grid in cross section editor in front or back
    7. Material legend option added to cross section editor
    8. Import dataset from column delimited text file
    9. 3D Mesh -> Solid command
    10. Much faster, parallel interpolation for IDW.
    11. Zoom To Extents commands for all geometric objects, including CAD layers
    12. SEAWAT 64-bit executables added to Preferences dialogs
    13. File|Settings command to set the defaults used for new projects.
    14. Different icons in Project Explorer for cell and point based datasets
    15. Export solids to VTK
    16. Right-click on CAD to check/uncheck all layers
    17. More raster features:
      1. Conversion to Feature Contours
      2. Resampling
      3. Smoothing
      4. Trimming
  8. Other
    1. Length units are defaulted to computers current regional settings unless defaults have been saved previously.
    2. Save/restore expanded/collapsed state of Project Explorer
    3. Standardized on "dataset" instead of "data set".
    4. Switching to MODFLOW-NWT switches the solver to the NWT solver
    5. The user is asked about inactive cells when converting a 3D Grid MODFLOW model to MODFLOW-USG.
    6. Improved isosurface volume calculations