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The Area Between Elevations dialog

The Compute Area Between Elevations command is useful for determining areas in different elevation zones as part of a snow melt analysis.

The Compute Area Between Elevations command is found in the TIN and DEM menus, as well as the TIN and DEM item right-click menus in the Project Explorer. Using the command brings up the Area Between Elevations dialog. Enter the Lower Elevation and Upper Elevation values then press the Compute Area button to get the area between elevations value. The Area field shows the solution along with the units being used. This value may be selected and copied if needed.

This operation can also be done when defining snow melt parameters for HEC-1. Model units are assumed to be either in feet or meters and subsequent areas are converted to square miles or square kilometers according to the metric flag set in the HEC-1 Job Control dialog.

This same procedure is also useful for determining storage capacity curves.

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