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In the Map module the coverages and images are listed in the Project Explorer. At this point CAD data are not supported in the Project Explorer, but it is anticipated that in future versions the CAD data will also be controlled from the Project Explorer.

A toggle is next to each object; the toggle controls the visibility. The display is automatically updated when the toggle is checked or unchecked. The active coverage is set in the Project Explorer by selecting it. The active coverage is indicated in the Project Explorer display with a color map module icon, while the inactive coverages are gray.

WMS MapProjectExplorer1.png

Right-clicking on the Map Data folder Map Folder.svg allows creating a New coverage or New folder for organizing coverages.

WMS MapProjectExplorer2.png

The Project Explorer replaces the Coverage Options dialog in previous versions of WMS. See Coverages to learn about coverages in the Project Explorer.

Right-clicking on a coverage Coverage Active Icon.svg brings up a menu with options to Delete, Duplicate, Rename, set/view the Properties of the coverage, or perform a Coordinate Conversion. Properties include the name and coverage type.

WMS MapProjectExplorer3.png

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