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GSSHA Calibration Output dialog

The GSSHA Calibration Output dialog can appear after a GSSHA run.

The parameter list spreadsheet has a row for each key value, showing the following information for each entry:

  • Parameter – Displays the name of the parameter and the units used by the parameter (if any).
  • Key – The key value ID associated with the parameter.
  • Run 1 Start Value – The initial value for the parameter at the beginning of the first run.
  • Run 1 Optimized Value – The optimized value after the first run.

Additional run columns will appear with multiple runs.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet are entries for the following:

  • Starting Objective Value – The objective value before a specific run.
  • Optimized Objective Value – The optimized objective value obtained after a specific run.

At the bottom of each optimized run is a checkbox:

  • Select an Optimization – Turn on the checkbox to select that optimized run for importing into the project.

At the bottom of the dialog are the following options:

  • Run simulation with optimized values – Turn on to run the simulation using the selected optimized values.
  • Replace key values in project with optimized values – Turn on to replace the original key values in the project with the optimized key values. If this option is turned on, a Save GSSHA Project FIle dialog will appear when OK is clicked, allowing the original project to be overwritten, or allowing a new project to be saved under a new name.
  • OK – Save all changes and close the GSSHA Calibration Output dialog.
  • Cancel – Discard all changes and close the GSSHA Calibration Output dialog.