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The simulation right-click menu includes the general simulation commands Delete, Duplicate, and Rename along with the following model specific commands:

Model Control
Brings up the CMS-Wave Model Control dialog. The dialog allows viewing and editing the current parameters that affect how CMS-Wave runs and what options are to be included in the current simulation.
Model Check
Check for common problems. If problems are found, the Model Checker dialog will open.
Save Simulation
Tells SMS that it is time to write out the files that CMS-Wave needs to run. Note that the project must be saved before the files may be exported. The user will not see anything happen, but SMS uses the input information from the model control, the boundary conditions, and quadtree data to create the files in preparation for CMS-Flow to work.
Run Simulation
When the model is ready and has been exported, it may be launched. Launching CMS-Wave initiates the model run for the simulation. Upon successful completion of the launch, the analysis is complete and results are ready to be read and displayed by SMS.
Save Project, Simulation, and Run
This is a combination of the previous steps put together into one.

Note that the save and run commands can be changed using the Preferences dialog.

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