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The following menu commands are available in the CMS-Wave Menu:

Assign Cell Attributes
Opens the CMS-Wave Cell Attributes dialog, which specifies the cell type.
Merge Cells
Merge multiple rows or columns into a single row or column.
Model Check…
Check for common problems. If problems are found, the Model Checker dialog will open.
Model Control…
Opens the CMS-Wave Model Control dialog to specify model parameters.
Run CMS-Wave
Launches the CMS-Wave model using the currently loaded simulation. As the model runs, a dialog monitors progress of the model and gives status messages. When the run is complete, the spatial solutions are read in for analysis and visualization.

Obsolete Commands

The following commands are no longer available in the current version of SMS.

Nest Grid
Opens the CMS-Wave Nesting Options dialog, which specifies nesting options.
Spectral Energy
Opens the Spectral Energy dialog to define/view wave energy spectra. Generally, CMS-Wave will generate wave conditions internally, but a spectrum may be input. This command also allows visualizing wave spectra that are generated inside of the model.

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