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The following menus are available in the Cartesian Grid Mmdule:

Standard Menus

Includes the File, Edit, Display, and other standard menus. See SMS Menus for more information.

Module Specific Menus

The Cartesian grid module Data menu commands include:

  • Steering Module – Launches the steering tool.
  • Dataset Toolbox – Contains tools for working with datasets. Includes the Data Calculator.
  • Switch Current Model – Changes current active model.
  • Vector Options – Opens a dialog where options to generate vectors can be edited.
  • Contour Options – Opens a dialog where dataset specific contour options can be defined.
  • Set Contour Min/Max – This command sets the contour options based on the current options and the selected nodes/vertices or zoom level.
  • Contour Range Options – This controls if the Set Contour Min/Max command applies to dataset specific contour options or the general contour options (for the mesh or scatter modules). It also sets the flags for precision and fill above and below.
  • Film Loop – Opens the Film Loop Setup wizard.
  • Grid → Scatterpoint – Converts grid data into the scatter module.
  • Grid → Map – Converts grid data into a map coverage.
  • Grid → Mesh – Converts grid data into the mesh module.
  • Find Cell – Used to locate a cell either with a specific i,j location, or near a specific location.
  • Map Elevation – Allows use of another functional dataset as the mapped elevation function.
  • Zonal Classification – Tool to identify areas that meet as set of criteria.

See Cartesian Grid Data Menu for more information on the commands in this menu.

Model Specific Menus