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The following menus are available in the Particle module:

Standard Menus

The Particle module has the standard menus: File, Edit, Display, Web, Window, and Help. It also uses standard right-click menus in the Project Explorer.

See SMS Menus for more information.

Module Specific Menus

In addition to the standard menus, the Particle module has the Data menu and unique right-click commands.

Particle Module Data Menu

The Particle module Data menu commands include:

Right-Click Menus

Right-clicking on the Particle Data Generic Folder.svg folder in the Project Explorer brings up the standard right-click folder menu commands as well as the Display Options command to access the particle Display Options dialog.

Right-clicking on a particle set Particle Set Icon.svg in the Project Explorer brings up the following commands:

  • Copy Simulation Inputs
  • Filter Objects – Open the PTM Filter Options dialog.
  • Extract Subset – Writes a portion of a particle set to a new a particle file.

Model Specific Menus

The Particle module has one model specific menu: