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The SRH-2D menu becomes available when the SRH-2D simulation has been created in a session of SMS. In previous versions of SMS, this menu appeared in the menu bar, but for version 12.0 and above, this menu is found by right-clicking on the SRH-2D simulation. From the SRH-2D menu, the specifics of the overall model are entered and the model is initiated. The SRH-2D menu includes the following commands:

Simulation Run Queue
Opens the Simulation Run Queue dialog.
Model Control...
This command will bring up the SRH-2D Model Control dialog.
Generate Snap Preview
Will generate a preview of how map feature will snap to the mesh geometry during the simulation run. See the article Snap Preview of Feature Objects to a Geometry
Contains a list of additional tools for post-processing the simulation.
Model Check...
This command will cause SMS to perform a check for invalid settings that could prevent SRH-2D from running properly. If errors are found, they will be reported in the Model Check dialog with information on how to correct them.
Tells SMS that it is time to write out the files that SRH-2D needs to run. Note that the project must be saved before the files may be exported. The user will not see anything happen, but SMS uses the input information from the model control, the boundary conditions, and the materials data to create the files in preparation for SRH-2D to work.
Save All and Run / Save Simulation and Run
When the model is ready and has been exported, it may be launched. Launching SRH-2D initiates the powerful, robust hydraulic model. Upon successful completion of the launch, the analysis is complete and results are ready to be read and displayed by SMS.

The SRH-2D simulation right-click menu also has general simulation commands.

Obsolete Commands

The following commands are no longer available in current versions of SMS.

Assign Monitor Points Coverage
Brings up the Select the Monitor Point Coverage dialog.

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