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The RMA4 Graphical Interface includes tools to assist with creating, editing, and debugging a RMA4 model. The TABS (RMA4) interface exists in the Mesh module. SMS can visualize and create RMA4 projects, easily modify project parameters, and view the solutions produced by the RMA4 model.

The simulation consists of a geometric definition of the model domain (the mesh) and a set of numerical parameters. The parameters define the boundary conditions and options pertinent to the model.

The interface is accessed by selecting the 2D Mesh module and setting the current model to RMA4. If a mesh has already been created for a RMA4 simulation or an existing simulation read, the mesh object will exist in the Project Explorer and selecting that object will make the 2D Mesh module active and set the model to RMA4. See the Mesh Module documentation for guidance on building and editing meshes as well as visualizing mesh results.

The interface consists of the 2D Mesh module menus and tools augmented by the RMA4 menu.

RMA4 Menu

The following menu commands are available in the RMA4 Menu:

Boundary Conditions

Two commands are available for selected boundary nodes and nodestrings.

Assign BC
Specify boundary conditions for the selected nodestring(s) or element(s).
Delete BC
Removes the boundary condition assigned to the selected nodestring(s) or element(s).

Model Parameters

These commands are available for setting parameters and running the simulation.

Delete Simulation
Deletes the current RMA4 simulation. Sets all values in the Model Control to default values.
Material Properties
Brings up the RMA4 Material Properties dialog which specifies turbulence, roughness, marsh porosity, wind, rainfall, and coriolis properties for each material.
Model Control
Brings ups the RMA4 Model Control dialog which can organize inpute files, specify model parameters, choose output options, etc.
Run RMA4
Launches the RMA4 model.

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