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The STWAVE model makes use of right-click menus in the simulation.

STWAVE Simulation Menu

The following menu commands are available in the STWAVE menu:

Removes the selected simulation.
Creates a copy of the selected simulation.
Allows changing the name of the selected simulation.
Simulation Run Queue
Model Control
Opens the STWAVE Model Control dialog.
Model Check
Starts the model checker.
Save Simulation
Creates all of the input files needed for the STWAVE model run.
Run Simulation
Runs the STWAVE engine and generates output files. See below for more information.
Save Project, Simulation and Run
Save the SMS project, exports the STWAVE input files, and starts the STWAVE engine to generate the solution files.
Read Solution
Opens a browser to import STWAVE solution files.

Run Simulation Command

After a simulation has been read or saved, SMS can launch the finite element analysis engine. To run STWAVE:

  1. Right-click on the STWAVE simulation and select Run Simulation or Save Project, Simulation and Run. The Simulation Run Queue dialog appears showing the engine that will execute.
    • If the executable program is the wrong version, or if given the message that it was not found, then click the file browser icon and choose the correct version of the program that should run.
  2. When STWAVE has finished, the solution can be added to the project by clicking the Load Solution button.

The Simulation Run Queue window will appear which displays various information as STWAVE runs. Normally it is not necessary to type anything in this window. Using the Simulation Run Queue multiple simulations can run at the same time.

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