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GMS User Manual, volume 2


4. Interpolation
4.1. Introduction
Interpolation Commands
3D Interpolation Options
4.2. Linear
4.3. Inverse Distance Weighted
Inverse Distance Weighted
Shepard's Method
Gradient Plane Nodal Functions
Quadratic Nodal Functions
Subset Definition
Computation of Interpolation Weights
4.4. Clough-Tocher
4.5. Natural Neighbor
Natural Neighbor
4.6. Kriging
Kriging Options
3D Kriging
Variogram Editor
4.7. Jackknifing


5. Modules
5.1. TIN Module
TIN Module
Creating a TIN
Editing a TIN
TIN Settings
TIN Display Options
TIN Tool Palette
Converting TINS to Other Data Types
Building Solids and 3D Meshes with TINs
TIN Files
TIN Commands
5.2. Boreholes Module
Boreholes Module
Creating and Editing Boreholes
Borehole Display Options
Borehole Tool Palette
Borehole Hydrogeologic Units
Converting Borehole Data
Borehole Cross Sections
Borehole Commands
5.2.1. Horizons
Horizon Conceptual Model
Horizons Applications
Horizons to HUF
Horizons Wizard
Horizons to Solids
Horizons to 3D Mesh
5.3. Solid Module
Solid Module
Solid Properties
Solid Primitives
Solid Display Options
Solid Module Tool Palette
Solids to Layered Mesh
Solids to HUF
Solids to MODFLOW Command
Solid Commands
5.4. 2D Mesh Module
2D Mesh Module
Creating a 2D Mesh
Editing 2D Meshes
2D Mesh Settings
2D Mesh Display Options
2D Mesh Tool Palette
Converting a 2D Mesh to other types of Data
Element types
2D Mesh Polygon Attributes
2D Mesh Commands
5.5. 2D Grid Module
2D Grid Module
Creating and Editing 2D Grids
2D Grid Display Options
2D Grid Tool Palette
Converting 2D Grids
2D Grid Commands
5.6. 2D Scatter Point Module
2D Scatter Point Module
Creating and Editing 2D Scatter Point Sets
2D Scatter Point Display Options
2D Scatter Point Tool Palette
Interpolating with 2D Scatter Points
Converting 2D Scatter Points to Other Types of Data
Gaussian Field Generator
Active/Inactive Points
2D Interpolation Options
2D Scatter Point Commands
5.7. 3D Mesh Module
3D Mesh Module
Creating a 3D Mesh
Editing a 3D Mesh
3D Mesh Display Options
3D Mesh Tool Palette
Classify Material Zones
Converting 3D Meshes to Other Data Types
3D Mesh Commands
See "Horizons" and "Solids to Layered Mesh"
5.8. 3D Grid Module
3D Grid Module
Creating and Editing 3D Grids
3D Grid Display Options
3D Grid Tool Palette
Classify Material Zones
3D Grid Viewing Modes
Converting 3D Grids to Other Data Types
Exporting Grids
Cell Properties
Active/Inactive Cells
Named Layer Ranges
Redistribute Grid Cells
Redistribute Layers
3D Grid Commands
See "Isosurfaces"
5.9. 3D Scatter Point Module
3D Scatter Point Module
3D Scatter Point Display Options
3D Scatter Point Tool Palette
Interpolating with 3D Scatter Points
Converting 3D Scatter Points to Other Data Types
Bounding Grid
3D Scatter Point Commands
Connection to "Active/Inactive Points", "Inverse Distance Weighted"
5.10. Map Module
Map Module
Feature Objects
Feature Object Commands
Conceptual Model
Feature Object Display Options
Feature Object Tool Palette
Grid Frame
Clean Command
Temporal Discretization
Map to Models
Map to Modules
5.11. GIS Module
GIS Module
GIS Display Options
GIS Tool Palette
Enabling ArcObjects
GIS to Feature Objects
Add Data
Arc Hydro Groundwater
GIS Commands
5.12. UGrid Module
UGrid Module
Creating and Editing UGrids
UGrid Viewing Modes
Converting UGrids to Other Data Types
Exporting UGrids
UGrid Display Options
UGrid Tool Palette
UGrid Cell Properties
UGrid Commands