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The ADCIRC menu becomes active in the Mesh module when a mesh has been created from an ADCIRC map coverage.

The following menu commands are available in the ADCIRC menu:

Assign BC
(Boundary Condition) Opens the ADCIRC Arc/Nodstring Attributes dialog.
Spatial Attributes
Opens the Spacial Attributes dialog.
Create Observation Station
Opens the Recording Station dialog.
Mesh Generation Toolbox
Brings up the Mesh Generation Toolbox where a mesh generation method can be selected for SMS to run. Currently, SMS supports the Localized Truncation Error Analysis (LTEA) method.
Model Check
Starts the model checker.
Model Control
Opens the ADCIRC Model Control dialog.
Launches the ADCIRC engine and generates output files. See below for more information.

Obsolete Commands

The following commands are no longer included in current versions of SMS.

Define Nodal Attributes

Assign Nodal Attributes


Presently, ADCIRC uses a specific naming convention for its input and output files. Therefore, before ADCIRC can start, the basic input files must be present in the working directory, which SMS takes care of automatically.

To run ADCIRC:

  1. Select ADCIRC | Model Control.
  2. Select the General Tab.
  3. Name the project in the Project title: field and enter a name in the Run ID: field as well.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Select ADCIRC | Run ADCIRC.
  6. If the name of the ADCIRC executable does not appear, click the folder icon, locate the ADCIRC executable, and click OK.

The ADCIRC model wrapper appears and gives status for the time steps while the model runs. On a typical desktop machine, this will take around 15 minutes.

Once the ADCIRC run has completed, there will be several new files created. See ADCIRC Files for more information about the files generated.

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