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The ADCIRC model makes use of right-click menus in both the simulation and with ADCIRC coverages.

ADCIRC Simulation Menu

The following menu commands are available in the ADCIRC menu:

Removes the selected simulation.
Creates a copy of the selected simulation.
Allows changing the name of the selected simulation.
Simulation Run Queue
Model Control
Opens the ADCIRC Model Control dialog.
Model Check
Starts the model checker.
Creates all of the input files needed for the ADCIRC model run.
Runs the ADCIRC engine and generates output files. See below for more information
Save, Export, and Launch ADCRIC
Performs the process of saving the SMS project, exporting the ADCRIC input files, and launching the ADCIRC simulation.
Opens a Properties dialog showing information about the simulation.

ADCIRC Coverage Menus

Boundary Conditions

When right-clicking on an ADCIRC boundary conditions coverage, the following additional commands are available:

Tidal Attributes
Opens the ADCIRC Tidal Attributes dialog.
Flow Attributes
Opens the ADCIRC Flow Attributes dialog.

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