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AHGW Pro User Manual (v1.0)

Arc Hydro Groundwater

1. Set Up
Set Up
System Requirements
Register AHGW
1.1. Learning AHGW
What's New in AHGW Pro 1.0
1.2. Toolbars
MODFLOW Analyst Toolbar
1.2.1. Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar
Add to Raster Series
Borehole Viewer
Borehole/Well Advanced Editor
Create Borelines
Create Geophysical Plot Wizard (Section Line)
Create Geophysical Plot Wizard (Wells)
Create Lithological Description Wizard
File Import Wizard
Flow Direction Generator
HGU Color Manager
Import GeoSection from XML
Import GeoVolume from XML
Make Time Series Statistics
Show or Hide Geophysical Data for Wells
Time Series Grapher Setup
1.3. Data Models
Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model
MODFLOW Data Model

Groundwater Analyst

2. Groundwater Analyst
Add to Raster Series
Assign HydroID GW
Create AHGW Raster Catalog
Create Blank AHGW Geodatabase
Create Unique ID Table
Make Time Series Statistics
Modify AHGW Geodatabase
2.1. Features
Create Well Feature Class
2.2. Time Series
Create Time Series Tables


3. MODFLOW Analyst
3.1. Export
Export DIS File
Export MLT File
Export Name File
Export OBS CHOB File
Export OBS DROB File
Export OBS DTOB File
Export OBS File
Export OBS GBOB File
Export OBS HOB File
Export OBS RVOB File
Export OBS STOB File
Export Output Control
Export Package Basic
Export Package BCF
Export Package CHD
Export Package DRN
Export Package DRT
Export Package ETS
Export Package EVT
Export Package GAGE
Export Package GHB
Export Package HFB6
Export Package HUF
Export Package LAK
Export Package LPF
Export Package MNW1
Export Package PES
Export Package RCH
Export Package RIV
Export Package SFR
Export Package STR
Export Package UZF
Export Package WEL
Export SEN File
Export ZON File
3.1.1. Solvers
Export Solver DE4
Export Solver GMG
Export Solver LMG
Export Solver PCG
Export Solver SIP
Export Solver SOR
3.2. Features
Boundary to DIS
Boundary to DIS Refine Points
Build Boundary Rectangle
Create MODFLOW Cell2D
Create MODFLOW Cell3D
Create MODFLOW Node2D
Create MODFLOW Node3D
DIS to Boundary
3.3. Import
Add Output File
Create MODFLOW World File
Fill Output Arrays
Import Georeferenced MODFLOW Model
Import MODFLOW Model
Import MODFLOW Output
Import MODFLOW Tables
Import Simulated Equivalents
3.4. Run
3.5. Stress Periods
Add Absolute Time
Add SP Start and End
3.6. Tables
Calculate Linearly Interpolated Value
Create CellIndex Table
Delete MODFLOW Tables
Lines to MODFLOW
MODFLOW Array Based Parameters to Table
MODFLOW Array from Polygons
MODFLOW Array from Raster
Points to MODFLOW
Polygons to MODFLOW
Create MODFLOW Features
IBOUND to Polygon
Make MODFLOW Feature Layer
3.8. Well Permitting
Copy Output to Starting Heads
Copy Simulated to Observed
Create MODFLOW Well Records
Create Well Feature
3.9. Other Tools and Dialogs

Subsurface Analyst

4. Subsurface Analyst
4.1. 3D Import
Create 3D Geophysical Plot Features
Import GeoSection from XML
Import GeoVolume from XML
4.2. Features
Borehole Data to Borepoints
BoreholeLog Table to Points
Create Borelines
Create BorePoints
Create GeoSection Feature Class
Create GeoVolume Feature Class
Create Non-Vertical Borelines
Create SectionLine Feature Class
Desurvey Borelog
GeoSection to Points
Rasters to GeoSections
Rasters to GeoVolumes
4.3. TIN
Polygon to TIN
4.4. XS2D Editor
Create Lithography Stratigraphy Display
Create Lithography Stratigraphy Feature Classes
Create XS2D Boreline Feature Class
Create XS2D Borelines
Create XS2D Geophysical Plot Feature Classes
Create XS2D Geophysical Plot Features
Create XS2D Geophysical Plot Features for Well
Create XS2D Grid
Create XS2D Line Feature Class
Create XS2D Panel Divider
Create XS2D Panel Feature Class
Create XS2D Point Feature Class
Create XS2D Polygon Feature Class
Create XS2D_Catalog Table
NonVertical Boreline to XS2D
Reverse Section Line Orientation
Scale XS2D Features
Transform Faults to XS2D Lines
Transform GeoSection to XS2D Panel
Transform Lines to XS2D Points
Transform Points to XS2D Points
Transform Polygons to XS2D Lines
Transform Raster to XS2D Line
Transform XS2D Lines to Points
Transform XS2D Panel to GeoSection
Transform XS2D Well Detail Line
Transform XS2D Well Detail Polygon
4.5. Other Tools and Dialogs
Converting 2D Cross Sections to 3D Using Subsurface Analyst
Horizons, Clip, and Fill Attributes
Troubleshooting 3D Bore Lines


5. Appendix
Frequently Asked Questions
Icon Gallery
Image Gallery
Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolkit dialog
ArcGIS Field Calculator
License Agreement