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This article addresses features that do not belong to specific modules.


Data in SMS can be viewed using a number of methods.

Editing the View with the Mouse

It can be easier to navigate with mouse controls. The three controls include:

  • If the mouse has a middle button (or a mouse wheel), scroll the wheel to zoom in and out.
  • If the mouse has a middle button (or a mouse wheel), hold it down and drag to pan the view.
  • Hold down both the right and left mouse buttons and drag to rotate the view.
  • Display Options
Display options in SMS refers to the control of what entities are displayed, and how (color and style) they are displayed. Each entity in each module has its own display options. The display options for the active module are shown when the Display Options dialog opens.


Post processing tools inside SMS help to visualize the model solution created by running the simulation through the solver. Post processing tools available on solution data vary based on the module but include:

Data that does not belong to a specific module

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